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Outdoor Seating and Chairs

Shop our range of contemporary outdoor chairs in durable yet stylish colours.

A selection of minimalistic styles with Scandinavian touches & Luxe Italian fashions.

From a wide selection of material finishes in rattan, plastics & treated woods.

Our range of designer outdoors chairs & stools bring a sense of consistency and fun, perfect for modern living.

Magis Air Armchair  £122.00
Magis Paso Doble Chaise Lounge  £1064.00
Magis Paso Doble High Back Low Chair  £658.00
Magis Chair One  £430.00
Magis Sussex - Straight Bench  £816.00
Magis Striped Poltroncina  £535.00
Magis Striped Low Chair  £443.00
Magis Striped Chair  £327.00
Magis Piedras Divanetto  £317.00
Magis Piedras Poltroncina  £206.00
Calligaris Olivia Folding Chair  £92.00
Westminster Sussex Dining Side Chair  £250.00

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