Contemporary & Comfortable Sofas

Shop our range of contemporary Three Seater sofa's in stunning fabrics & soft finishes.

Our selection of Three Seater sofa's are unbeatable, with luxury feather cushion toppers to beautiful designs with structure.

Endless fabric options to suit your home interior.

Our range of designer sofa's bring a sense of consistency perfect for a modern living

Another Brand Ampia 3 Seater Sofa  £1495.00
Mastrella Havannah 3 Seater Sofa  £1775.00
Mastrella Mona 3 Seater Sofa
Softline Passion Sofa  £2235.00
Mastrella Siren 3 Seater Sofa  £1965.00
Mastrella Ami - 3 Seater
Softline Carmen Sofa/Sofa Bed  £1968.00
Universo Positivo Caspar Sofa  £3854.00
Mastrella Lucello - 2 Seater Sofa  £1815.00
Mastrella Lucello - Leather Sofa  £3850.00
Mastrella RENZO - 3 Seater Sofa  £1059.00
Mastrella TIBERIA - 2 Seater Sofa  £1165.00

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