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Modern and Contemporary Sofas

Shop our range of armchairs if you want fun, practical, stylish designs that excel in the ways of comfort..

Each style offering a spectrum of colour and fabric to choose from, you will be sure to find your perfect match.

From luxurious leathers, cosy felts, rich cottons & sumptuous velvet's.

Our range of designer Armchairs bring a sense of consistency, perfect for a modern living

Mastrella FABIA - Armchair Leather  £807.00
Mastrella ALESSANDRO Chrome Base - Armchair  £970.00
Mastrella NATALIA - Armchair  £808.00
Mastrella KAREL - Armchair  £1187.00
Mastrella GRAZIA Armchair  £1548.00
Content By Terence Conran Studio Armchair  £995.00
Content By Terence Conran 59th Street - Armchair  £1195.00
Innovation Cubed 90 Deluxe Sofa Bed  £1130.00
Innovation Clubber Chair  £720.00
Innovation Oldschool Chair  £789.00
Innovation Splitback Chair  £531.00
Mastrella OFELIA - Armchair  £559.00

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