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Modular Seating, Sitting Pretty

Shop our range of contemporary modular sofa's in soothing fabrics & soft finishes.

A selection of our modular & minimalistic sets are available to make comfy yet stylish corner groups.

Endless fabric options are available to suit your home interior.

Our range of designer modular joining sofa's bring a sense of consistency, perfect for a modern living

Softline Heart Sofa  £634.00
Softline Loft Corner Element  £427.00
Softline Loft  £383.00
Softline Ohio Chair  £552.00
Softline Ohio Corner Chair  £624.00
Softline Terra Chair  £979.00
Softline Terra Corner Chair  £1535.00
Softline Planet Chair  £660.00
Softline Planet Corner Chair  £802.00
Softline Passion Footstool  £405.00
Softline Passion Chair  £585.00
Softline Passion Sofa  £2235.00

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