Dining Tables

From clean and simple dinging tables to contemporary and intricate designs, we have the dining table for you. With suppliers such as Calligaris, Bontempi, Another Brand, Miniforms, Mastrella and many more, you will never be short of options for your dining room.
Miniforms Pixie Circular Round Table  £1235.00
Magis Butch - The Wild Bunch  £1234.00
Magis Vanity Table  £1974.00
Magis Vanity Table  £2654.00
Magis Pipe Table  £616.00
Magis Pipe Table  £765.00
Magis Pilo  £1304.00
Magis Pilo  £1432.00
Magis Vigna  £696.00
Magis Vigna  £792.00
Magis Vigna  £408.00
Magis Table First  £480.00

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