IROKA's collection of glassware features everything from colourful hand painted shot glasses, Scandinavian themed tumblers to stylish wine glasses which are mouth blown pieces of art.

Offering a complete range of shapes and sizes and even the odd gadget such as decanter pourer's and vacuum stoppers.

Find your perfect gift or treat yourself to a new set of glassware for that special occasion.

 Artland Stemless Glasses  £23.99
Sagaform Blue FLIP CARAFE  £29.99
Sagaform Red Flip Carafe  £29.99
Sagaform Club Whiskey Decanter  £29.99
The DRH Collection Speckle Gin Glasses - Set of Four  £34.95
 Set of Two Manhattan Brandy Glasses  £23.95
The DRH Collection Salut Shot Set - Rectangle  £24.95
The DRH Collection Salut Shot Set - Square  £24.95
The DRH Collection Salut shot set - Oval  £24.95
The DRH Collection Manhattan Decanter  £39.95
Anton Studio Fizz Jug - Blue  £32.95
The DRH Collection Fizz Gin Glasses - Set of 4  £34.95

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