AromaWorks is a Multi Award Winning 100% Natural lifestyle brand, at iroka we offer a range of their Home Fragrance collections in-store & online.

With a commitment to 100% pure essential oils and all natural ingredients, AromaWorks is built on this conviction and enriched by the passion of founder Jane Hibbert.

AromaWorks Candles are made from natural soy and beeswax with a luxurious blend of up to 9 essential oils whilst our diffusers, mists and oils are equally luxurious with the finest essential oils and ingredients.
AromaWorks Room Mist Petitgrain & Lavender  £14.95
AromaWorks Room Mist Lemongrass & Bergamot  £14.95
AromaWorks Room Mist Mandarin & Vetivert  £14.95
AromaWorks Mandarin & Vetivert Scented Candle  £17.95
AromaWorks Room Mist Spearmint & Lime  £14.95
AromaWorks Reed Diffuser Lavender & Petitgrain  £15.95
AromaWorks Mandarin & Vetivert Reed Diffuser  £15.95
AromaWorks Reed Diffuser Lemongrass & Bergamot  £15.95
AromaWorks Lavender & Petitgrain Scented Candle  £17.95
AromaWorks Reed Diffuser Spearmint & Lime  £15.95
AromaWorks Lemongrass & Bergamot Scented Candle  £17.95
AromaWorks Spearmint & Lime Scented Candle  £17.95

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