Nobody knows natural floorcoverings like Crucial Trading.

For 25 years they have been working to create the most beautiful textures, weaves and designs using the finest natural materials. Known for their innovative floorcoverings, they make it a priority to remain at the forefront of creative design.

Their small, dedicated team of designers and craftspeople are always experimenting with new materials, interesting textures and beautiful patterns to help fuel your imagination and breathe new life into your home.
Crucial Trading Fabulous  £105.00
Crucial Trading Mojave  £65.00
Crucial Trading Moloko  £105.99
Crucial Trading Monsoon  £64.99
Crucial Trading Opal  £53.99
Crucial Trading Oregon  £48.99
Crucial Trading Oregon Stripe  £48.99
Crucial Trading Sisool Tanzania  £77.99
Crucial Trading Romeo  £64.99
Crucial Trading Serenity  £48.99
Crucial Trading Sisool Big Boucle Classics  £82.99
Crucial Trading London  £99.00

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