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In 1946, Frans Deknudt decided to make a mirror. A mirror that was more beautiful, more innovative and of higher quality than the ones available on the market at that time.

Seventy years later in 1986, keeping it in the family, Frans’s son, Francis Deknudt, took over the helm and in 2012 the third generation, led by Jan Deknudt, joined the company.

Of course a lot has changed for Deknudt mirrors over the years. However, the main theme of the story has always remained the same and iroka have now adopted that same principle: Offering you, our customer, a fresh, beautiful and high-quality mirror.

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Deknudt Mirrors Radius Round Mirror  £150.00
Deknudt Mirrors Lina Hall Mirror - Oak or Black  £210.00
Deknudt Mirrors Elisabeth Mirror with Wall Shelf  £756.00
Deknudt Mirrors Elisabeth Mirror  £648.00
Deknudt Mirrors Chassis XL Mirror  £1069.00
Deknudt Mirrors Chassis Mirror  £594.00
Deknudt Mirrors Globino Wall Mirror  £580.00
Deknudt Mirrors Faux Wood Mirror  £540.00
Deknudt Mirrors Drip Gold Mirror  £560.00
Deknudt Mirrors Balance Mirror  £855.00
Deknudt Mirrors Aurelia Mirror - Grey  £105.00
Deknudt Mirrors Aurelia Mirror - Clear  £105.00

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