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Celebrating 100 years of Danish design.

Eva Solo creates exclusive, Danish-designed furnishing accessories, kitchenware and homewares characterised by aesthetic appeal, functionality and high quality. Tools which are a pleasure to look at, use and own.

The history of the company dates as far back as 1913, but the Eva brand had its major breakthrough in 1952 with a particular bread and meat slicing machine that went on to become a design classic. The first of many.

Today, the products are divided into several collections which are marketed worldwide. But the essence is still the same: aesthetics, functionality and quality.

Eva Solo Mini Bird Feeder - 2 Pack  £29.99
Eva Solo StayCool grey/yellow  £25.00
Eva Solo StayCool wine cooler black  £25.00
Eva Solo Fire Globe fireplace  £285.00
Eva Solo HeatUp patio heater  £550.00
Eva Solo FireGlobe log holder  £75.00
Eva Solo Bird shelter  £35.00
Eva Solo StayCool winecooler Eucalyptus green  £25.00
Eva Solo Nordic kitchen serving tray  £70.00
Eva Solo Bowl 3.2l Nordic kitchen  £44.95
Eva Solo 2 Lungo tumbler Warm grey  £20.00
Eva Solo 2 Lungo tumbler Steel blue  £20.00

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