Since being established in Spain 1970, Fama has grown to become one of the most recognisable, popular, and sought after brands for interior designers. Whether you need quality comfort in your home, stylish seating in your office or creative design in your life. Fama is the range for you. All Fama sofas are produced under one roof in their Spanish factory full of advanced technology, this is designed to improve the quality of build and retain the personality within the brand. The Fama collections range in options, from various fabrics, patterns and shapes, they are simply.... Beautifull Designed Comfort. Fama is a deeply personal brand, pop into our Cornwall showroom and take a closer look at the options, styles and collection.
Fama Helsinki - Armchair and Footstool  £1103.00
Fama Volta - Armchair  £1295.00
Fama Moon - Armchair Recliner  £1170.00
Fama MyNest - Swivel Armchair  £959.00
Fama Galan  £461.00
Fama MyLoft - Sofa  £1340.00
Fama MyCuore - Love Seat  £1351.00
Fama Pandore - Corner Sofa  £1920.00
Fama MyApple - Love Seat  £1409.00
Fama MyNexus - Modular Sofa  £1633.00
Fama Roxane - Armchair  £1168.00
Fama Zoe - Armchair  £817.00

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