With over a decade since Greenapple was established - Greenapple currently offer two main collections of products: the Pure Glass Collection and the Glass+ Collection. The Pure Glass Collection is truly pure glass, while Glass+ is an infusion of both glass and bespoke materials.

Greenapple's collections offer a range from: occasional furniture, coffee tables, lamp tables, console tables, as well as dining furniture and multimedia storage.

With a wide range of products in both series, we at iroka have skimmed the collections to offer our best picks.
Green Apple Orion Lamp Table  £453.00
Green Apple Ribb Coffee Table  £657.00
Green Apple Ribb Dining Table  £1195.00
Green Apple Orion Coffee Table  £667.00
Green Apple Ribb Console Table  £480.00
Green Apple Ribb Lamp Table  £393.00
Green Apple Oasis Console Table  £633.00
Green Apple Oasis Rectangle Coffee Table  £585.00
Green Apple Oasis Lamp Table  £429.00
Green Apple Quirk Lamp Table In Black  £374.00
Green Apple Quirk Coffee Table In Black  £499.00
Green Apple Orion Dining Table  £1298.00

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