Helderr design and manufacture glass furniture and other accessories straight from the Netherlands. Every furniture piece has been made by hand and with no assembly line quality is a key detail to every product.

Helderr means transparent and clear in Dutch.
"Glass in its purest form."

We here at iroka have picked out the best designs from the family firm; from: coffee tables, side-tables to columns.

Helderr Hexagon Large Side Table
Helderr Coffeetable LOGAN  £495.00
Helderr Coffeetable With Drawer  £1370.00
Helderr Coffeetable With Intersect  £675.00
Helderr Square Coffeetable Float High  £315.00
Helderr Square Coffeetable Float Low  £295.00
Helderr Square Coffeetable With Floating Shelf  £860.00
Helderr Square Coffee Table  £945.00
Helderr Coffee Table With Kicked Legs  £1290.00
Helderr Coffee Table With Lower Plate  £900.00
Helderr Coffee Table with Open Lilac Shelf  £905.00

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