From their humble beginning in an old lighting factory in Wembley, North London, iNNERMOST had worked with designers from across the globe who called London their home. Even today they continue to embrace that vivid diversity, striving to be ‘as British as London itself’ – that is to say very British and yet highly adaptable and with a global vision. Their quirky and rebellious approach to design driven by high-spirited London culture. This is the story of a culture with greatly antagonistic qualities – on the one hand, classical English tradition and on the other, the tumultuous punk culture. And Innermost exists in the coming together of these heterogeneous elements, purveying taste and quality with a non-conformist attitude.
Innermost Circus Pendant Lamp Grey - Large  £449.00
Innermost Circus Pendant Lamp Grey - Mini  £64.00
Innermost Asteroid Clear Pendant  £227.00
Innermost Asteroid Table Lamp - Clear Glass  £208.00
Innermost Bubble Pendant Lamp  £236.00
Innermost Circus Pendant Lamp - Large  £449.00
Innermost Circus Pendant - Medium  £335.00
Innermost Circus Pendant - Mini  £160.00
Innermost Dent Pendant - Large  £220.00
Innermost Glaze Pendant - Mini  £263.00
Innermost Glaze Pendant - Medium  £356.00
Innermost Glaze Pendant - Large  £495.00

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