Innovation is a Danish furniture company built ontop of the proud Danish tradition of furniture design. They believe that form and function must go hand in hand to create innovative durable designs for everyday use.
Innovation Aslak Sofa Bed
Innovation Asmund Frej
Innovation Asmund Sofa Bed
Innovation Clubber Chair with Armrests  £945.00
Innovation Clubber Sofa with Armrest  £1445.00
Innovation Dublexo Armchair  £705.00
Innovation Dublexo Frej Sofa Bed with Armrests  £1438.00
Innovation Dublexo Sofa Bed with Solid Armrests  £1370.00
Innovation Dublexo Sofa Bed  £1095.00
Innovation Ghia  £1205.00
Innovation Bifrost Deluxe Excess Lounger  £1999.00
Innovation Splitback Sofa Bed  £1189.00

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