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Mastrella are a European manufacturer of contemporary furniture. They combine quality production with bespoke design, to bring fashion into your home. The brand in the UK is exclusively sold and displayed through Iroka Interiors.

Iroka has a full range of designer sofas and furniture on display and supply the whole of Cornwall and beyond using Nationwide specialist distributors.

Sit back and relax in your brand new luxury pieces of furniture or sofa or armchair, tailored for your own individual needs and requirements.

A full range of fabrics are available across the stunningly stylish variety of models.
Mastrella QUIRINO 2 Seat Sofa  £999.00
Mastrella QUIRINO 2 Seat Sofa + Chaise Left  £1659.00
Mastrella QUIRINO 2 Seat Sofa + Chaise Right  £1659.00
Mastrella FABIA - Armchair Leather  £807.00
Mastrella Olinto - Sofa Corner Group  £3929.00
Mastrella ORIANA - 2 Seat Sofa + Chaise Left  £2209.00
Mastrella JAVIER - 3 Seater Sofa + Divan Right  £3252.00
Mastrella GIUDITTA - Set 12  £1929.00
Mastrella CARLOTTA - 4 Seater  £2039.00
Mastrella BARBARA - Sofa Bed  £1668.00
Mastrella ALESSANDRO Chrome Base - Armchair  £970.00
Mastrella Ami - Set 2 - Divan Left Hand Facing  £3066.00

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