NIDI, a range of children's bedrooms that combines fun and contemporary design in the spaces dedicated to youngsters. An innovative approach that uses all the experience and know-how of a long-standing brand such as Battistella.
Nidi Dream, Up Children's Bed Collection
Nidi Sit Children's Ottoman and Pank Collection
Nidi Sit Children's Chair Collection
Nidi Write Children's Wall Desk Collection
Nidi Write Children's Floor Desk Collection
Nidi Luce Children's Bookcase Compositions
Nidi Tynn Children's Bookcase Compositions
Nidi Holly Children's Bookcase Compositions- Soft Colle
Nidi Holly Children's Bookcase Compositions
Nidi Hide Children's Wardrobe Collection
Nidi Discover Children's Base Collection
Nidi Dream, Children's Bed Collection

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