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Novamobili is a leading name internationally, a byword for product and service quality.

Always a step ahead within a constantly developing market. Novamobili design furniture solutions that are big on ergonomics and function, characterised by design that serves real needs and stands the test of time.
Novamobili Composition 11  £2650.00
Novamobili Composition 8  £6325.00
Novamobili Composition 5  £4759.00
Novamobili Composition 4  £6379.00
Novamobili Composition 2  £3795.00
Novamobili Composition 17  £5774.00
Novamobili Composition 15  £5175.00
Novamobili Composition 20  £5965.00
Novamobili Composition 19  £4140.00
Novamobili Float Sideboard Square  £1355.00
Novamobili Float Sideboard Low Rectangular Two Door  £1020.00

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