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Sagaform, meaning for joyful, innovative gifts for the kitchen and the set table. Indoors and outdoors. Joyful gifts for friends or family, or to spoil yourself with. Sagaform wants its brand and product range to be the obvious gift choice for Saturday nights' dinner hosts, or the new neighbour you want to welcome to the neighbourhood, or yourself when you want to brighten up your own day. A warm welcome form iroka to Sagaform's joyful and innovative world!
Sagaform Oval Oak Carafe  £23.50
Sagaform Upside Down Vase & Candlestick Holder  £29.99
Sagaform Duo Vase  £36.00
Sagaform Whiskey Stones  £15.00
Sagaform Bar Whiskey Glasses  £18.00
Sagaform Rocking Brandy Glasses  £22.00
Sagaform Oil/vinegar bottles with Oak Stoppers  £23.50
Sagaform Marinade Set with Pipette Brush  £14.00
Sagaform Herb Pot  £14.50
Sagaform Bar - Ice Shot Glass Moulds  £5.95
Sagaform Pizza Scissors  £12.50
Sagaform Eggcups  £22.00

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