The Levande, Spirit & Soul, Wabi Sabi, Melinki and NEW Lohko collections offer distinctive and unique styles which epitomise Scion’s design ethos; creating cutting-edge, accessibly priced and forward looking fabrics and wallpapers.

Enjoy browsing these wallpapers to discover your own Scion style.

Scion fabrics also available to order, please call the showroom today on 01736 757 333.
Scion Wallpapers Yoki Wallpaper  £35.00
Scion Wallpapers Zing Wallpaper  £35.00
Scion Wallpapers Dhurrie Wallpaper  £35.00
Scion Wallpapers Loop Wallpaper  £35.00
Scion Wallpapers Shibori  £35.00
Scion Wallpapers Ashanti  £35.00
Scion Wallpapers Adisa  £35.00
Scion Wallpapers Samaki Wallpaper  £35.00
Scion Wallpapers Branch Wallpaper  £35.00
Scion Wallpapers Flight Wallpaper  £35.00
Scion Wallpapers Berry Tree Wallpaper  £35.00
Scion Wallpapers Strata Wallpaper  £35.00

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