Thoughtful & Creative

Umbra are a global housewares & home accessories product design specialist, founded in 1979 based in Toronto, Canada.

Bringing thought and creativity to everyday items such as photo frames, bins, jewellery holders and much more.

Specialising in original designs by their team creating modern and innovative products that are must haves in every home to make life just that little easier.
Umbra Hammerhead Bottle Opener & Cork Screw  £14.95
Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock Steel  £39.95
Umbra Rimwood Clock  £44.95
Umbra Ribbonwood Wall Clock  £49.95
Umbra Anigram Animal Jewellery/Ring Holders  £8.45
Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock Copper  £39.95
Umbra WoodRow Waste Bin  £19.95
Umbra Zoola Animal Jewellery/Ring Holders  £8.45
Umbra Prisma Photo Frame  £16.95
Umbra Prisma Multi Frame  £29.95
Umbra Prisma Brushed Brass Geometric Mirror  £79.95
Umbra Buddy Bottle Opener  £9.95

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