UMAGE Eos In White - Eos XL


A light construction of Goose feathers enabled Vita to make a shade over a meter wide in diameter (Eos XXL). Available in a wide range of sizes, just like a bird the Eos is naturally designed to suit any area. Cleaning the Eos is easy, simply using a hair drier to blow away any dust. Not only the design imitates nature but the shade is really made with Goose feathers. The limitless feather edges provide a minimalist room with more structure, truly a centerpiece.
The Eos Series can be hung form the ceiling or the smaller options (Micro, Mini and Medium) can be affixed to a tripod, allowing it to be a freestanding art sculpture, perfectly balancing the rooms ambience.

Max 15W LED
Sizes: Micro, Mini, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
*E27 Light fitting required

Estimated Delivery Time:
6-7 Days